Lessons in Grace- Forgiveness & Steve Saint

7 Jun

A few years back, I had the privledge of listening to the testimony of a man named Steve Saint. His father, Nate Saint, was a missionary to the Waodoni, a tribe of Auca Indians, notorious for its cannibalism. Steve’s father along with several other missionary men were macheted to death by members of the tribe. Yet, his aunt and the other missionary wives of the men who had been killed decided to stay to minister to the tribe and continue the efforts their husbands had begun to share the Gospel. By God’s grace, the entire tribe of Waodoni Indians came to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

Take a look at these wonderful clips. The first is directly related to the topic of forgiveness and showing God’s grace to those that have wronged us. Steve shares the story of his father’s death and the miraculous relationship that evolved between himself and the man who killed his father. The second, although not directly related to forgiveness, is a powerful story of how Steve learned to trust that God is always doing good in the lives of his people, in spite of the way circumstances may appear.

Steve Saint & Mincaye

Steve Saint on Suffering & God’s Soverignty

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