30 Day Challenge Day 1: It’s Spring! (sort of)

8 Feb

Since He (God) created man as a creative creature, by creating him in His own image, these ‘creative creatures’ have, through the ages, retained fragments of the perfection which He made in the first place- though spoiled, of course, by sin. Every single one of us has been spoiled by sin. But as we look back over history and see artists musicians and creative people in various fields, we can recognize the ‘image of God’.

With this as a background, I would go on to ask the next question. Is a Christian- one who is in communication daily with the Creator (communication made possible because of redemption through the blood of Christ)- to divorce himself from the things God created and intended man to have, and which demonstrate the fact that man has been made in the image of God? In other words are we, who have been made in the image of our Creator, and who acknowledge and understand what that means because we know God exists, and experience communication with Him- are we to be less creative than those who do not know that the Creator made them in His image, and who have no contact with Him?

It seems to me that the marks of personality- love, communication, and moral sensitivity- which are meant to sharpen as we are returning to communication with God, should lead to an increased rather than decreased creativity. The Christian should have more vividly expressed creativity in his daily life, and have more creative freedom, as well as the possibility of a continuing development in creative activities.

Edith Schaeffer- The Hidden Art of Homemaking

Day 1: Fix up the front window

Day 1: Before

Day 1: After

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