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1 Feb

It wasn’t her finest display of wisdom. After waking up bright and early on Saturday morning, Amanda and I headed downstairs to get some breakfast. As though her eyes were trained to spot it from a very far distance, she quickly pointed to her bottle of milk that I had left out the night before. “BAH! BAH!” she screamed…(code name for ‘milk’).

I quickly snatched it before she could reach it herself. What a sad moment that would have been when she would discover that the milk she craved so much was actually sour from having been left out the entire night. She of course didn’t understand my loving gesture. All she knew was that I was depriving her of what she wanted. And so she began to whine and complain. “BAH, BAH?” as a question. “BAH! BAH!” as a demand. I tried to clearly explain that I was just going to wash the bottle, pour some fresh milk and heat it up for her. “You’ll be so happy when I finish Amanda. It will taste so much better when I’m done.” But it was futile. She wanted the Bah, and she wanted it immediately. She didn’t understand my wisdom…and reacted with a full force protest against my actions. Continue reading