Lessons in Grace- Steven Curtis Chapman

17 Jun

Apologies for being absent in the blogging world for the past week! It’s a crazy time right now as the school year winds down and teachers find themselves awash in marking and other end-of-the-year duties. The posts will be much more consistent as soon as the summer hits.

For now, I’ll share a few brief things I’ve been thinking about regarding our current topic. The other day, I was listening to an old album that I bought when I was about 13. Steven Curtis Chapman, a Christian recording artist, is someone that has influenced me greatly with his music. One song in particular has come to mind at many points in my life and reminded me of the supreme importance of having a right view of what God has done in freeing me from sin. The song is called “Remember Your Chains” from his album, Heaven in the Real World. The reason why this song stands out as one that highlights the grace of God is because the lyrics remind me that in order to be grateful for what God has done in my life, I need to remember constantly where I am coming from and what God has truly freed me from. I can think back to even five years ago and how different my life was. I was not walking in obedience to God’s Word. In fact, all I cared about was doing what pleased me and made me happy, regardless of how that displeased and hurt God, as well as those I loved. My life had been moving in a downward spiral for several years, and yet God, in His great love and mercy, rescued me from a life of dangerous and destructive rebellion. To think about how much has changed since then reminds me that only God can do what He does in the life of unrepentant, sinful people who care nothing for Him. He is the one, as the Bible says, who will “replace your heart of stone with a heart of flesh”. Thank God for breaking the chains of sin! I pray God will make me as the song says, like the “wisest ones… they will never loose sight, of where they were set free.”

Take a listen to the song: Remember Your Chains

(To get to it, click on his album Heaven in the Real World, and scroll through to track 9 on the music player… You’d think with all our technology I’d have a faster way of getting to the track, but I don’t! It’s worth the effort so take a listen)

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