Back from a Blogging Hiatus

9 Aug

Sooo, apparently having a baby makes it hard to keep up with a blog. My timing was off! I started with big plans and saw my blog begin to kind of take off, and then simply hit the ground. Hard. But now, I hope to get this back up and running and add a post once a week, if not more.

Many good things have happened in life since I last wrote! As mentioned, I did have a baby- Emma Ailina Younan. She is almost 9 months old, and I can just say that truly, every day has been a blessing and a joy. God is so good and He is amazingly powerful. To think that this little life wasn’t around a little while back, and now there is a high-pitched, dog food eating (ok not eating but attempting to eat), busy 22-pound package of fun is beyond me. And, another great thing? Serge & I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary just a few days ago! Wow time flies. And the more it flies, the more I’m thinking about how I don’t always use my time the way I want to or should. Which is why I decided that even if I hadn’t posted in quite a while, I’d revive my blog. Even if I can’t keep it up the way I wish I would, I want to still use this opportunity to do what I’d originally intended which is share resources, stories, Bible lessons, that I hope others can benefit from.

To get things started off, I was on a favorite site of mine called GirlTalk and was watching a wonderful video from Desiring God Live with an interview of Nancy Guthrie, a woman who lost two small children to a rare disorder called Zellweger Syndrome. I won’t explain more because it’s worth listening to her story as she tells it, but I’ll just say that her wisdom on suffering and God’s sovereignty was powerful. I can’t imagine the pain and difficulty of loosing one child, let alone two. And yet, as Nancy shares, God is good in all He does, and he uses even the deepest and greatest pains for His good purposes.

Feel free to comment or share thoughts on the video.

Until next post!

2 Responses to “Back from a Blogging Hiatus”

  1. Debsie_K August 11, 2011 at 12:03 AM #

    Glad you’re back Maja!

  2. Georgie September 27, 2011 at 11:47 AM #

    That was an awesome video…
    I kept seeing it everywhere but never felt like watching it.
    I am glad I finally did.

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