Welcome Back- Day 1!

5 Mar

Well hello to everyone who came back in anticipation of the Monday surprise!

I have the pleasure of being the first post of the week and giving a short explanation as to what exactly is going on. I had mentioned in last week’s post that a few friends would be joining as regular contributors, and for the next three days you’ll be introduced to each of of them. You’ll be hearing from… wait for it… Stacey! Georgie McDonald! and Amy! I’ll let each of them introduce themselves but I just want to say that all of them are women whom I have personally learned from and have been greatly blessed to know. They all come from different walks of life, different backgrounds and experiences, but the common thread between each of them is that they all love the Lord and look to know him and serve him better. I can’t wait to hear from them as they share the exciting, boring, and regular things that happen in everyday life and bring a heavenly perspective to it all!

This week is all for introductions so I’ll begin with re-introducing myself. I am 27 going on 28, a Torontonian by birth, wife to The Real Estate Guy, and a mom to one super-fun little package of joy. I share a little more about myself in the “About Me” section, which I’ll add to once my friends post their bios.

Basically- I just enjoy a lot of things. God is the giver of every good gift, and I love enjoying Him, and all that he has made! Especially food- I like good food. I love my whole family (immediate and extended), and thoroughly enjoy all the time I get to spend with them. I love my church, Grace Chapel of Markham, where I have had the privilege of being for the past 3 years. And, I love to learn. I love all sorts of learning- whether it be about history, literature, or cooking, I find it a joy to be able to see more of God’s hand in all of life. Mostly, I like to read on theology and books about the Christian life. I hope to share some of my findings in future posts!

That’s all for now and I hope you continue to read on as the week progresses to hear from the rest of the blog authors.

Until next week,



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