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Island Living

2 May

This week I was reminded that I don’t live on island; every decision made will have a direct impact on different people in my life. When I’m faithfully spending time in the Word and in prayer, I am a better church member, family member, friend, and employee. I know for a fact that when I let other things take precedent in my life  I tend to be less patient, more loose with my words, less likely to think about how I should be serving others, and more likely to think about how others should be serving me. In other words, I’m not exactly the kind of person you want to be around. I read a post on Tim Challies’ blog where he quotes from D.A. Carson’s, The Cross and the Christian Ministry. The post is called Many and Colorful. He writes about the different ways in which we unknowingly cause harm to our church family. Every day I’m reminded of how difficult it is to take up my cross and follow Him, but anything short of that, will have a lasting impact on much more than just myself. This week’s lesson relearned: for Christians, island living is not an option.