13 Jun

It’s been something like a month since I’ve written here. I should admit that I have been pretty distracted by a number of different things; one of them being the NHL playoffs. This year’s playoffs can be described in many different ways, but one thing’s for sure, outcomes were unexpected from beginning to end – starting with the Leafs not making it (I’m partially joking) and ending with the Kings taking the Cup home.  I know I usually focus on the Leafs but this year’s win is one that I want to remember for a long time, so let’s talk about the Kings.

LA ended off the regular season in 8th place. I’m no expert, but I definitely did not expect them to knock out the top three teams in their conference – completely unexpected. I can say a lot about their speed, talent, chemistry, fantastic offence, nearly flawless defence, and top notch goaltending, but all that is obvious. The team is talented. I’d rather focus on their GM, Dean Lombardi. The guy basically put together this unstoppable army of dedicated, skilled players who ultimately went out there and did exactly what they were supposed to do, and exactly what nobody believed they could do. Lombardi was hired by the Kings to create a winning team, the impossible task, just ask Burke (obviously still a little sad about the Leafs but I’m sure they’ll make it next year). A first place hockey team coming from Los Angeles, California? Nope. Maybe baseball, maybe basketball, maybe some type of football, but not hockey. Lombardi made it happen, and when it came time to finally accepting recognition for the work he put into this team, he gave credit to just about everyone else. After seeing the way he literally built this team up into the best in the league and proved everyone wrong, I admired his leadership. After reading about his interview on Monday night, I admired his humility.

I wasn’t planning on writing about more than hockey in this post, but as I write I’m reminded of the leadership in my life. We all need good leadership, and I’m thankful for a pastor who is humble, loves the Lord, and is faithful to the word of God. Every team is a reflection of their leadership, and every congregation is too. Thank God for faithful pastors who stay true to the word.

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