Sexual By Design

7 Jul

I recently watched a video about Doug Wilson’s visit to India. He was conducting lectures on sexuality, you can find them here At the end of those lectures he opened up the floor to any questions people might have…and they had many. A large crowd of people opposed to what Doug Wilson was teaching gathered at the lectures and seemed to dominate the question and answer period…not to mention the opportunity they took to heckle him from their seats.

I found the whole thing hard to watch (which is why I didn’t watch much of it). People were, at large, rude, irrational and didn’t really listen to what Doug Wilson was actually saying. But, I was reminded that these are the waters we swim in right now. People hate what the Bible says about sexuality and gender. People hate that Christians would even dare turn this discussion into a moral one. People hate that the Bible even has a moral standard. People hate God.

I would encourage you to watch some the Q and A I have linked above…and also take a look at the other articles I have linked below (the first I got off Paul Martin’s blog and the second off Tim Challies blog).  I for one am really disturbed by it all…but it’s making me want to read my Bible more so that I can be ready to give a defence for the hope that I have.

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