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The Love of God

18 Jan

I think it is safe to say that our society does not have a consensus on the meaning of love.

How often have you heard the phrase “falling in love”? You don’t typically “fall” on purpose, rather it kind of just happens to you; it’s beyond your control. And so whether we do this on purpose or not, using this phrase conveys a definition of love that implies love is a force or emotion that overtakes you. You don’t decide who you fall in love, when it will happen, and similarly you can’t necessarily explain why you have fallen out of love with someone.

Some define love as intensely liking something. I for one have told many people how much I loooove jelly beans. And I really love sleeping in. And I super love going on vacation. When something really appeals to us, makes us very happy and gives us a sense of deep satisfaction, we often say that we love it. If with time it loses its appeal (say, I begin to learn just how fattening jelly beans are), we may not feel like loving it anymore…it’s just not that satisfying any longer.

Googling the question “What is love?” will give you all kinds of interesting responses…not all of them completely irrelevant. I found phrases like “deep attachment” and “strong emotion”. Continue reading