Bon Voyage!

28 May

Goodbye Toronto, hello Armenia and France! Yes folks, the Younans are on their way to far-off lands for family time, touring, and fun. I have been looking forward to this family vacation for a while now. My inlaws are very very graciously taking the entire family on a trip. They’re great, huh? You will have to forgive me for missing my post last week, and not having too much to say this week, and possibly having even less to say in the next two weeks, but my brain goes to mush when I have things like vacationing on the horizon. I hope I can get to an internet cafe and post a few pics of our adventures! In the mean time, if you want to buff up on a little Armenian touristy info and history while I’m away, feel free!

Until next week, I’ll leave you with this: Trip Preparation 101

1) Bring a lot of underwear with you: You can never have too much. That sounds weird, and you might ask why, but for some reason, people always underestimate the power of a clean pair of undies and even if you have enough for each day, you never know when you might have a mid-day shower and want to refresh. The same pair after a shower? Yuck. That’s all I have to say about that. And who knows if there’ll be a washing machine wherever you are!

2) Don’t bring unseasonal clothing: Being a Canadian, and always wanting to be prepared for a snowstorm after a hot day at the beach (EXAGERATING, but not much!), I tend to want about six sweaters in my suitcase, even when I’m heading to the tropics. I don’t know, it’s just in my blood I guess? But try to limit the outerwear and coverups when you’re travelling to hotter destinations. Baggage allowances are harsh!

3) Bring snacks: Airfare is expensive. So is the un-free tuna wrap and the $5.00 coffee in the airport waiting area. If you can avoid buying too much, try to have some things to nibble on, especially for a long plane ride with kids. Nothing is worse than hungry babies that need to be bought expensive food to be placated before meltdowns begin to happen.

4) Limit your books: I like reading. For some reason, I become extra ambitious and bring a course load worth of reading material thinking that in my “spare time” I’ll finish them all. One or two are enough. Focus on the peeps your travelling with and if you do have spare time, it probably won’t be enough to get through Atlas Shrugged 😉 .. Lucky for you all, I am three quarters of the way through this 1000+ page book, so I shall be finishing it on this trip!

5) Enjoy your family: This should be number one above the underwear thing, because hey, if you don’t have enough clean underwear but still enjoyed your family and had some sweet times of fellowship, then your trip was a success. The list isn’t in order of importance, but regardless, I think this is one of the top things to think about and prepare for. Remember that you’re going away to be with people, not your phone, or your books, or the sights. Don’t miss out on that chance to connect in special ways with people like husbands who work five days a a week, and don’t get much time away. They’re the ones you want to have fun with, and enjoy conversation and food with. Make relating to one-another a priority.

6) Keep the phones away!: Or at least don’t carry them around? Maybe consider leaving it at home if you can do without it for work or phone calls, but if it’s necessary to bring it, don’t let it have the same place it does at home. Just let it be functional for checking emails occasionally and whatnot. See what it’s like to go without one and use the free time to do more of #5.

And finally:

7) Don’t leave your Bible at home: Vacation from the everyday doesn’t mean vacation from everything that you do or need to do everyday. Spend time with the Lord, and remember that He is always with you wherever you go. That to me has always been one of the most comforting attributes of God- His omnipresence. I love that I know that home is, in one sense, wherever He is. I love that being in an unfamiliar place doesn’t mean that I am alone or that I should be afraid. And remember that whenever you get a chance to see a new place or visit another wonderful part of His world, He made it all for our enjoyment, to His glory.

I’ll be missing home but God-willing will be back soon 🙂 Have a good two weeks while we’re gone!

3 Responses to “Bon Voyage!”

  1. Georgie May 29, 2012 at 9:46 AM #

    Have fun Maj!!
    And, I am in full agreement with your first point…you can never have enough of those!!!

  2. digdeepwithdina May 29, 2012 at 4:21 PM #

    Miss you already Maj!

  3. Aban May 30, 2012 at 1:37 PM #

    Eat lotsa delicious foods. Butter in France is SO much better.


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