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Bearing the Load

4 Jan

Sometimes I wonder why it is that I have cable. There are really only two channels that I watch on a regular basis: Home and Garden Television, and the Food Network. Neither of these really have anything to do with my personality. I have no intentions of renovating my home, and even if I did, I’d want nothing to do with the process. And when it comes to food…well, I like to eat, but making it has never been enjoyable for me. Still, I’m very intrigued by these stations…even though I’m learning things I’ll likely never put into practise.

What I love about the home renovation shows is watching the process of a house being turned from complete shambles to picture perfect beauty. I love seeing couples go through the home, point out all the faults and then watching the masterminds make it all happen. And I’ve noticed one thing that everyone seeems to have in common. They all want to tear down walls! They walk through the house pointing out all the walls they want to come down. Everyone wants open concept – everyone wants to get rid of the obstruction of walls. Regardless of the cost. Continue reading