Bearing the Load

4 Jan

Sometimes I wonder why it is that I have cable. There are really only two channels that I watch on a regular basis: Home and Garden Television, and the Food Network. Neither of these really have anything to do with my personality. I have no intentions of renovating my home, and even if I did, I’d want nothing to do with the process. And when it comes to food…well, I like to eat, but making it has never been enjoyable for me. Still, I’m very intrigued by these stations…even though I’m learning things I’ll likely never put into practise.

What I love about the home renovation shows is watching the process of a house being turned from complete shambles to picture perfect beauty. I love seeing couples go through the home, point out all the faults and then watching the masterminds make it all happen. And I’ve noticed one thing that everyone seeems to have in common. They all want to tear down walls! They walk through the house pointing out all the walls they want to come down. Everyone wants open concept – everyone wants to get rid of the obstruction of walls. Regardless of the cost.

Even when the wall is load bearing. Now, if you’ve never watched one of these shows, and you’re not sure what this means, let me explain. Some walls in our houses are there just for decoration. They look like they provide support to the ceiling, but wether or not they’re there, really doesn’t affect the stability of the home at all. And then there are the load bearers. They are more than just decor – these contain steal beams that act as foundation for the upper floors. They provide structure and stability. Take them down, and run the risk of the entire house coming crashing down. You rely on these beams to do what they must…bear the load of the entire house. Everything else is frill…but these walls…they are the essentials.

The confusing thing is that you never really know the true nature of the wall until you pull back the dry wall and look inside. If it’s hollow – you’ve got decor. If it houses a steal beam…leave it alone. It’s the real thing.

Kind of gets  you thinking about our own lives. It’s safe to say that there are many walls in my life that are there simply for decor. My nice car (though some may think otherwise), my nice clothing (same comment applies), all the frills and fancies – they are the walls that don’t do much to support me. They are there for for enjoyment, for the overall appearance. But I don’t rely on these to support me when things are difficult, they are hollow, empty…simply there for looks.

Some “walls” are a little tricky. What of family, money, health? I mean, those seem pretty essential. I rely on them for comfort, for strength, for happiness. It’s safe to say that we probably all do. But are these the load bearers that truly support our lives and hold us up? Under pressure, can they do what we are asking of them? And do they not themselves require support? Can family stand on its own? Who provides health and material blessings? No, though these may appear to be the load bearing walls in our lives – there is something much stronger, deeper at the core, holding everything up and providing sustenance.

I recently read a blog by Pastor John Piper on He was discussing God’s powerful work in our lives on a daily basis, and he made a statement that really stuck with me. In speaking of the pillars, the granite foundation on which we can truly rely to uphold us and provide us with strength, He referred to the character of God. More specifically he spoke of the love, sovereignty and the wisdom of God.

Over the next three weeks I’d love to take some time to look at each of these qualities of God in more depth. And I hope to learn more about what it means to look to God and rely on His character as the true load bearing wall of my life – the central pillar, the foundation.

For now, I just want to leave us with a few questions to think about as we begin this new year:

–  What does it mean for something to be the load bearing wall of my life?

– To what do I look towards for strength, comfort and security?

– Are these sources of strength, comfort and security self sustaining, or do they themselves require something to bear the load?

– What would it truly mean to look to God as the central pillar of my life? What would it cost? What would I gain?

– What do I know of the character of God? How does the Love, Wisdom, and Sovereignty of God point me to Jesus Christ?

I have lots to think about…hopefully you do too. I look forward to the next three weeks of sorthing through this topic together! I welcome your thoughts.

Until next week….

One Response to “Bearing the Load”

  1. Ee February 1, 2013 at 5:48 PM #

    Wow Dina, that’s wonderful. It looks that you really benefitted from those home shows with all this construction information.


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